The Younger Brother

Chapter 4: The Prophecy



s the speaker moved away from the microphone after welcoming everyone and introducing the first Hymn an audible gasp from the thronged thousands echoed around the arena.

The three girls who were sat behind Omi screamed in unison, a look of horror on their faces, as they looked to and from the young hippy sat in front of them and to the stage!

The organisers of Greenacres took some time before they could attempt to try and organise a reaction to what they saw happening on the main stage as seconds seemed like hours over the events occurring in the next ten minutes.

They were as awestruck as the watching audience were as the cameras rolled sending out live pictures to the world.

The stewards seemed frozen in time barking orders to cut the power to the microphones and cameras, no-one could now hear them. Everyone was glued to what was happening on the stage, and now also in front of millions of added television viewers.

The girls sat on the grass next to Omi had stopped screaming but continued to look, to and from in silent awe, the youth who was sat before them, but who also stood proud and tall on the platform just twenty feet away, speaking into the microphone.

Omi’s voice resonated around the arena as the audience before him had quieted to one of dumbstruck awe.

‘You people who profess a love for God, and for creation, you who claim you are the Stewards of this Mother we call Earth, and who claim you are spiritual and hold the truths of the centuries, handed down from the ancients in your so called Bible.

You who are the despoilers of this beautiful home our Mother Earth. The polluters, and the Cancer upon her skin, look now at the real truth.

What you see here behind me is no witchcraft practiced in the dark of some jungle, what you are witnessing here now, is truly the Great Spirits’ real power and is truly of spirit.

The fear you are now experiencing is the same kind of fear you younger brothers and sisters have brought to all life on this planet.

The fear of not knowing what is coming next and of not knowing, whether or not your lives are in jeopardy, and the fear of what the future now holds.

You people can no longer blame your Governments and Leaders for what is happening to our World.

Your apathy, and continued participation in your daily lives of polluting the land, the sea and our air, is responsible for the perpetuation of horror to the rest of life on this planet, our Mother.

You, who claim to be spiritual, but only pay lip service to all serious efforts to halt this destruction and despoiling.

You are accountable; you can no longer claim immunity from responsibility.

It is time to wake up oh sleeping ones; it is time for you to inherit your power, or suffer the consequences, time to end your adherence to this nonsense your priests and teachers have taught you, that has brought us all to the brink of destruction.

The power you are witnessing here today is meant for all the children of The Spirit of Life that you call God, not just the few. You have been sheep, and have been asleep and misled for too long now, listening to blind teachers who love only power and control over your lives.

The time is now... you.... my brothers and sisters, if you do not respond, we are all doomed, and you will kill us all with your apathy.

Rise up and take back your power, seek out these wise ones and their so called wisdom and remove them and their Governments if they refuse to change.

This is your final warning. You seem to believe you can carry on forever the way you have been, and that any catastrophe prophesied will happen to future generations. You are wrong, the powers of Mother Earth that you have seen unleashed in recent times causing massive destruction of human life are only the beginning and have actually been held back by the wise Elders you see here, you have only witnessed the tip of the iceberg.

If you refuse to listen now... these.... the Elders, and Spiritual Guardians will remove their protection from you younger brothers, and all of Mother Earth’s power will be unleashed against you, to cleanse her of your Cancer.

We the spiritual Elders and Guardians are now willing to remove our protection and suffer the same consequences and fate as you, for the long term salvation of our Great Mother Earth.

You people everywhere around the world, who are seeing and listening to this, it is your responsibility too. You do nothing at your peril! Once the Older Brothers remove their protection the Great Mother will cause a magnetic pole shift in her axis, what is now land will become water, and what is now water will become land, you will find no escape from the coming devastation.

Our Great Mother however, will continue on as she has in the past, and life will begin again.

You have been given your final warning; there will be no more communication from us unless your Governments accede to our demands, your time here is finished!’

With that the vision of Omi on stage vanished from view as did the visual drama that had been revealed behind and around him as he talked, he simultaneously disappeared from where he was sat near the girls!

Omi had spoken for less than four minutes, yet the impact of what he had said, and of what had been witnessed was devastating.

People were openly crying, whilst thousands of others were just sitting or standing looking utterly bewildered, stunned into disbelief and looks of devastation were written all over their faces.

No-one had been able to stop the cameras from filming so the whole thing went out live on the BBC network and then via the general news network to the rest of the World.

If you’ve ever watched sport, particularly Cricket or Football on television, you will be aware of how immediately the technicians can organise and run replays of what had just happened only milli-seconds earlier, and now that’s just what they did with the live broadcast, it was repeated endlessly until the authorities stopped it.